SE Portland KITCHEN remodel


Meet Kami of Kami Gray Interior Design! This woman is one of the kindest, most talented and loving humans I know. She's a stylist turned interior designer, and an absolute joy to create with. Her work is consistently fresh, innovative, and the spaces that she creates truly *feel* like the clients that she works with. This stunning SE Portland kitchen is an example of a full re-model/re-design projects done this year. 


To peek into her brain a bit, I asked Kami to elaborate on the question: "What brings you joy when creating spaces for people?"

"When I sit down with my clients for the first time to discuss their project, I begin by asking them a truckload of questions. For a kitchen remodel, I might ask, "who does the cooking?" and "where's your favorite spot to sit and drink coffee?" This gets my clients to elaborate on their personal use of the space and what they want to do to improve it. I get them to share their vision without talking about tile, lighting, and countertop materials. If we started with those items, we'd be staring at a computer screen soon thereafter, and I can't realize their vision without hearing who they are and seeing in my mind what they want. Design is mainly listening. So the joy for me comes from the connection to people and making a contribution to my client's lives by giving them a home they love. The Golden Rule says, "What I want for myself, I want for others." I want, and thankfully have, a beautiful home environment for myself and through my craft, I'm able to give that to others. Plus, I really love gold. :-)" -Kami


Ah.. this marble tile inlay on the wood flooring *insert googly eyes* one of my favorite parts of the entire kitchen!



Meet Amy Carnahan! She's a brilliant interior designer, amazing wife and mother to three. I've had the pleasure of working with Amy on many occasions. In this post, I have a mix of interior work that I've shot for her, along with some family portraits (adorable baby toes ahead). Enjoy! xx


A little on Amy: 

"My passion for interiors developed when we bought our 1939 Cape Cod home, and room by room breathed life and light back into it.  It continues to be, and always will be, a labor of love and creative inspiration. 

My design compass closely resonates to the modern vibes of the Northwest. Simplicity combined with form and function. As a mother of three toddlers I am proof that sophisticated decor and children can coexist under one roof, and that a busy life does not forgo beauty.  Let’s face it...I have an uplifting obsession for the business of interiors and fashion and I hold them close both personally and professionally. They are a direct reflection of who we are and how we feel. There are no rules. Let’s play."

You can view more of her work here: