Meet Amy Carnahan! She's a brilliant interior designer, amazing wife and mother to three. I've had the pleasure of working with Amy on many occasions. In this post, I have a mix of interior work that I've shot for her, along with some family portraits (adorable baby toes ahead). Enjoy! xx


A little on Amy: 

"My passion for interiors developed when we bought our 1939 Cape Cod home, and room by room breathed life and light back into it.  It continues to be, and always will be, a labor of love and creative inspiration. 

My design compass closely resonates to the modern vibes of the Northwest. Simplicity combined with form and function. As a mother of three toddlers I am proof that sophisticated decor and children can coexist under one roof, and that a busy life does not forgo beauty.  Let’s face it...I have an uplifting obsession for the business of interiors and fashion and I hold them close both personally and professionally. They are a direct reflection of who we are and how we feel. There are no rules. Let’s play."

You can view more of her work here: