Jessica + Scott // The Evergreen PDX

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Behold! Two of the SWEETEST humans on planet Earth commit to each other for life! Jessica and Scott’s love and adoration for one another is inspiring, humbling and truly unique. The thought and care that went into their wedding day is such a testament to their huge hearts and commitment to their people — it was a celebration designed for everyone. What a gift it was to capture the magic unfolding. Thank you Jessica and Scott!! We’re bonded for life now, you two!! I love you true!

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A little love note from Jess about our experience working together :)

“I am so grateful we had the opportunity to work with Olivia as our wedding photographer. From the moment we booked, I knew we had made the right decision - Olivia is easy to communicate with, prompt, creative, energetic and truly a joy to be around. A few months before the wedding, we took engagement photos which was an great experience to "practice" in front of the camera. Olivia put us completely at ease - it felt effortless and fun. The day after our shoot, we already had several edited images in our inbox. I didn't expect that, but Olivia knows how much clients crave that instant gratification!  On the day of our wedding, Olivia impressed everyone in our bridal party. Our friends and family all commented on the creativity, vibrancy and energy she brought to the otherwise routine experience of bridal party and family portraits! Multiple times throughout the day, I heard "your photographer is amazing!".  Olivia hustled all night (really - running around all night!) and was with us taking photos until the very last dance. The final edited photos exceeded my expectations. There were so many beautiful detail shots, photos of children and friends on the dance floor, photos of moments I didn't even see myself during the reception. Her style is classic and timeless - crisp, perfectly edited photos that we will cherish for our lifetime. Pouring through the images is like reliving the day and I'm so grateful Olivia captured it all!” -Jessica

Hotel: Hotel Monaco

Venue: The Evergreen PDX

Day of coordination: Mae & Co

Design + Styling: Sea of Roses

Makeup: Kiss and Makeup Artistry

Hair: Tessa Matsis Smith

Dress: Bhldn

Calligraphy/Signage: Hey Halle

Catering: Chefs Table PDX

Band: Blue Wave Band