A Spiritual Life


What does it mean to be "spiritual"? What does it look like to live a spiritual life? I recently came across a beautiful definition of "spirituality" that I'd love to share with you guys. I know there's a ton of baggage around the word. It can feel inaccessible, heavy, woo-woo, preachy. But when we peel back any labels we might have placed upon it, at the center of the message is simply an invitation to SEE.

"The art, the task, the challenge, the invitation of the spiritual life is for you to see the depths of your own life. To see the divine presence in every thing you do. To learn to see that which is already present; but you've just been moving to fast to notice. May you grow in your awareness that there is always more going on - there is endless depth and dimension to all of life" -Rob Bell

Ah. This excites me. I think people shy away from the topic because they don't feel invited. They think they don't know enough, they've never meditated, they don't own any crystals, they wear deodorant. But spirituality knows no possessions, borders, ethnicities, languages, ages, religions, education levels, economic brackets -- it knows no differences.

Seeing the divine in the daily is for everyone and the invitation is in every waking moment.